From the book:

Hesitation Marks                                                                                                                  

there are moments in life

when darkness is palatable

razor pressed to skin

there are moments in life

when light is blinding


cleansing the soul

granting safe passage

until the next revelation

Continuing Permanence                                                                                                     

our hustle, bustle prison

measuring our minutes





nature’s continuance

no time


water flowing

where it will

where it needs to go




year after year

perfect amount of pressure

perfect amount of time


running its hands

over mother nature’s thighs


is a 44 page hand-stitched chapbook - $10.00

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Gwendolyn Zimmerman

Gwendolyn Zimmerman is a poet who lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She has studied under Craig Czury for two years and recently has facilitated readings and workshops with poet and publisher Michael Czarnecki. Their influence in her life was the catalyst of her poetic journey.

Gwen strongly feels that poetry provides a safe place to express contemplations and difficult emotions as well as creating a path for healing, allowing people to share their ideas and connect with themselves on a deeper level.

Gwen’s life experience vulnerably flows through these pages of poetry. An intimate amalgamation of trials, tribulation, optimism and intense self observation coalesce into a work of transcendence.

While illuminating daily occurrences as inextricably wound to sacred conscious-ness, she lovingly acknowledges the light that dwells within each one of us, waiting to be discovered, to ignite the soul fire and share it with others as we search for our life’s purpose.