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Leah Zazulyer  

This book is rather like a multi-level memoir of what Guy Davenport called the “geography of the imagination.” Time wise, it spans my youth in the Western U.S.A. and my adulthood in upstate New York. It speaks to my ancestral origins from the early 18th century and continues into the 21st century. The terrain of the poems ranges through various parts of Europe and North America. Emotionally, it runs the gamut of life experiences, including childhood, adolescence, adulthood, marriage, family, and career, as well as the impact of wars and other major world events up to the present. The poems were written in English, but are suffused with Yiddish and Hispanic language and culture. It is about love, hate, fear, and hope.

From the book:

History Lesson

What did they take

these women who

went west

in a wagon


I’m goin’ a way

for to stay

a little while.

They took the comforter

with a muslin star

cut from their wedding dress.

They took the long-handled ax

to split their fear

when the wolves came calling.

What did they leave

these women who

went west

in a wagon


but I’m comin’ back

if I go

ten thousand mile.

They left the peach tree

out the kitchen window

flavoring the air.

They left the small pine box

in a cradle of roots

where the fruit falls.

Alone as a Stone is a 132 page hand-stitched paper book with spine -  $16.00.

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Alone as a Stone


Alone as a Stone