From the book:

Arachnid Pas De Deux

I watch from morning bath

two tiny spiders mirroring

each other in dance of love

just beyond the crease where

all-white wall and ceiling meet

impossible for me to separate

bouncing filamental legs

from translucent tethers

of acrobatic aerialists

no net below

only skimpy web above

sixteen silky appendages

twining in motion, in

exquisite harmony

until my brain and eyes align

enough to show not two

small spiders on the wall

but one and its shadow

all the love and dancing mine

Memory Deficiency

His main problem is

he can't remember what

he can't remember

has everything he needs

to make omelettes

   but eggs

Five Easy Peaces

One: Thomas Jefferson, in addition to favoring the Second Amendment, also favored including a constitutional amendment to forbid us from ever having a standing army. Revolutionary War hero, Thomas Paine, seconded the idea. In 1793, founder Dr. Benjamin Rush, (Surgeon General of the Continental Army and first Treasurer of the U.S. Mint) proposed a cabinet level Department of Peace equal to the Department of War.

Two: Since then, 93 bills have been introduced in congress to create a Department of Peace. Even, later-to-be Republican minority leader Everett Dirksen, WWI vet and active member of the American Legion, in 1947 proposed a permanent peace position.

Three: In 2001, Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich presented a Department of Peace bill that has been reintroduced 8 times since, including establishment of a National Peace Day (the mainstream media dismissed him as a crazy kook!)

Four: Never heard of any of this before? Well, like they say in our Network Think Tanks, “If it bleeds & feeds the greed, it leads. If it don't splatter, it don't matter.”

Five:  Or someday – for a change of pace – we could just give peace a chance.

Tender to the Bone

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Tender to the Bone




Tender to the Bone




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Tender to the Bone

Steve Coffman