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each room echoes absence

gary lundy

This is the first book in the Montana Poets Series #3,

edited by Craig Czury.

But more than anything, here poetry turns to funeral pyre, with Lundy's skilled hands holding us over the flame just long enough to make parts of us burn. Out of that new silence comes a sigh, a whimper, a scream, a roar, and then finally, finally a song of survival that says, with a newfound strength, “i am yours no longer.”

 Bryan Borland, author of DIG

These poems take us in and out of spaces - rooms - providing unflinching glimpses of what it means to be human. Never turning away from all the heartache and beauty of a lifetime, lundy carves out poems of survival. gary lundy knows that pleasure and pain are blurred and exist in the same room; the body.

          Donnelle McGee, author of Naked

By the end of the book, Lundy writes of fathers, sons, lovers, gains, and losses so convincingly there, in the flesh of the world, that we feel our lives have been wrung along with the poet’s. The writing burns intensely, flashes and flares, and eventually illuminates that shadow lover, mourns death, reconstitutes us into something other than what we were.

 Michael Dickel, author of War Surrounds Us,

The Palm Reading after The Toad’s Garden

From the book:

don't worry. i didn't love you too much. we both kept mostly secrets distance. especially any having to do with affection.

yet we each spoke sporadic love. it's signing out prior to leaving. destroys the mood every time.

as they say it's the words not the actions. earlier during a specific pause to stretch. you hug whisper i love you.

my body rebels as if taken over by charity. think decoupage without surface glossing.

cut out compound fragments. thoughts of a dying vocabulary. or repetitive christmas music.

it always goes something like this. when you want something i'll hear from you again. recycled old plastic


get someone to drop and shoot first. even the most real event dissolves into fiction once recollected.

gary lundy has published five chapbooks, the most recent, at | with early in 2017 (Locofo Chaps), and has one book length collection, heartbreak elopes into a kind of forgiving (Is A Rose Press, 2016). he has published his writing throughout the US as well as in Canada, Czeck Republic, and Israel. Most recently his poems can be found in: Cleaver Magazine, In Between Hangovers, The BeZine, Fragmentarily/Meta-Phor(e)/Play, Vallum, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, and Beautiful Losers.

gary was raised in Denver, Colorado. He received his Ph.D. in Twentieth Century American Poetry from Binghamton University. He taught English at SUNY-Oswego, St. Paul’s College, and for twenty years at the University of Montana Western. He left Montana Western in 2011 and now lives in Missoula, Montana.

each room echoes absence

is an 80 page hand-stitched paperbook with spine - $16.00

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each room echoes absence




each room echoes absence