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From the book:


Knowing only

a single species

I gather that.

I am one step

behind the deer

whose browse is

shattered caps

strewn on duff,

but still a few

new chrome ears

sprout from

the earth.

Drop them

clunk in a pail,

wash water drip-

ping through

the rusty bottom,

dry, slice, sauté.

Against hot cast iron

their color dulls

but flavor stands up.


Needn’t be large but

when you go by

you should feel

your heart reaching out

to the place

Like this mound

Corn rows



nothing unusual

swell of land

but it says:

Rest here a while.

 Last Settler in the Finger Lakes

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Last Settler in the Finger Lakes

Stephen Lewandowski

Last Settler in the Finger Lakes




Last Settler in the Finger Lakes