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in  the  next  hour

small poems & meditations

Bart White


These are small poems, originally written by hand on folded cards in sets of 24 and given to friends and strangers. This “give a poem” project became GAP Press, launched with a supply of card stock and a stamp. Each poem is paired with a picture. The first poems—a whale, a gymnast, a pharaoh—are inspired by photographs in old issues of National Geographic. Some poems came from the news (a tornado, the death of Chuck Berry). But most came on my daily walks—early morning, at day’s end or at night—often on the theme of Time. When I came home and sat down to write them, the short meditations seemed sufficient in themselves. I liked their brevity. The shortest one was a single sentence telling how pond ice melts. Collectively, the poems became in the next hour.

From the book:

Bart White lives in Rochester, NY where he teaches at The Harley School. His first chapbook, The Faces We Had As Children, was nominated for a Pushcart prize. He is co-editor of Birdsong, poems in celebration of birds (both from FootHills Publishing, 2014 & 2017).   

Bart White’s other FootHills books:

The Faces We Had As Children

Birdsong (Co-editor)


 in the next hour  is a collection of 19 poem with accompanying color photographs in a hand-stitched 4 1/8” by 5 1/2” format. $14.00.

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From other countries

Night arrived

       like a beautiful woman

             entering a theater

everyone falling silent

       turning to watch

              as she came down

in her black velvet dress

                        and diamonds           

                              June 2017

in the next hour


in the next hour