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*Centuries Inside Me

David Yockel, Jr.

Often David’s incisive plain-spoken lines are achingly beautiful, whether it’s moonlight seen anew as “it attends/ to the histories of night” or fireflies “burning like prayer/ and consequence.” This is visceral-lyrical poetry of transcendence. Read Centuries Inside Me. Then consider that David is probably right, “there are no edges to things.”

~Karla Linn Merrifield, Psyche’s Scroll

(Poetry Box Select, 2018)

From the book:

Holding Moonlight

The wind tonight reminds me of my bones.

An elemental hum, on which the dark

appears to hang, speaks the names of angels

that we have, in our flailing, made.

                                                      The bashful

glow of a streetlamp casts shadows that seem

like old and sorry eyes, while I stand cold

and smiling in the moonlight, at the way

it behaves between my fingers, at all

of the invisible things that I have

shared with this sad and oblivious world.

David Yockel, Jr. is a poet, educator, and quasi-musician living in downtown Rochester. He is currently a Lecturer in the University Writing Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he teaches first-year composition. David received his MA in Creative Writing & Poetry from the College at Brockport in 2011, and has since had poems published in a number of journals across the country, including Common Ground Review, Trajectory, and the Kerf.

He has also authored a number of animated poems. “Appears to Be” was included in a Phaze 2 Gallery exhibit at Shepherd University, in West Virginia, and “Tired Tongues” was part of an interactive installation at the Westbeth Gallery in New York.

David has also worked as the sound designer on several short films, most recently, composing the score for mari jaye blanchard’s VR animated film, Swing.

He is also very active in the Rochester literary community. He has worked at Writers & Books as a part-time instructor and, as a proud member of Just Poets, has been the curator and emcee of the group’s monthly reading and open mic since 2015.

*Centuries Inside Me

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Centuries Inside Me




Centuries Inside Me