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Morning Poems

Steve Coffman

another poem every morning by

old man who seems to be losing

his mind before his sense of humor

From the book:

Virtual Living At its Very Best

Start and end relationships

without any awkward

touching (or not)

Show only parts of yourself

you wish to be seen

you're not sure how to show

what you mean or feel

That's what emojis are for!

thanks be to your virtual stars

virtual deity of your choice

One little mouse touch can make

your virtual dream-life come true


After extra weekend

overflow of writing

all my great effort

only produced this dud

Steve Coffman has been a writer his whole life. He has published work in a variety of genres including memoir, short story, political essay and poetry, as well as having had a number of staged plays.

Morning Poems

is a 36 page hand-stitched chapbook - $10.00

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Morning Poems




Morning Poems