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Sum : 1

Kitty Jospé

Book Release Reading March 15, 7:00 PM EST

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About this book:

The title, Sum : 1  rhymes with someone but is not meant as a pun.  

This book of poems addresses the humane concern of treating each

person as a unique and valuable Someone, where the bolding

of the word and its capital S is not ignored or discounted.

The sum of all of us, one by one, should be one, and yet in this

country which promises liberty and justice for all, we know about

the removal of so many from this “all”.

A PDF with 27 of the poems illustrated by images which inspired

them is available on the FootHills website (www.foothillspublishing.com/2021/jospe.html) or by contacting the

author: kjospe@gmail.com.  Voluntary donations can be made to

East House, Rochester, NY.  https://easthouse.org.  East House

helps move lives forward by providing stable housing and support

services to individuals with persistent mental health and/or

substance use disorders.

this poem captures the spirit of the book.

Sum : 1/Some : One

What is the product of one times one?

We forget sometimes how one multiplies—

how it gently mirrors the other to allow

the other…

1X2 has no one reflected but two in the end.

Some is only so many…

but turn it to,



before the second meaning of quotient—

as characteristic.




at its most irresponsible best.

It could be you, me, or all those hoping

like us, the bomb won’t drop

on us, on those close to us,

those hoping whatever ship sails in

doesn’t fool us with its colors.

—Kitty Jospé

written and performed in July, 2020, Rochester, NY

Sum : 1

is a 76 page hand-stitched paperbook with spine - $16.00

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Sum : 1




Sum : 1




Click here to view a PDF with 27 of the poems illustrated by images which inspired them