Linda Allardt

Release date 2/2.

From the book:


There used to be a bridge.

Square-cut stone bulks out of the banks

on either side, but the span is gone,

the channel not wide but deep,

the ice too thin.

                          We stand,

you on your side, I on mine,

wave and call across, but the wind

snatches our words.

                                You who were so close

you would finish my lines,

heard my thoughts before the words were out.

There used to be many bridges,

but one by one they’ve fallen;

It’s a long way around.

                                    By the time I got there

you might be gone, or worse,

a stranger—if not someone else entirely,

certainly not the lover I remember,

the river always wider, always deeper

over the sunken snags and wreckage

than I knew.

Linda Allardt’s  roots are in Southern Tier New York State,  but she has lived and worked in the Rochester area for many  years as an editor  and teacher.  She has published six books and chapbooks, including her most recent,  Accused of Wisdom (FootHills Publishing,  2004).   Now she finds her poems in her own back yard and woods.


is a 40 page hand-sewn chapbook. $10.00

Release date 2/2.

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