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All of the poems in before poetry there was music have been influenced by music: songs, radio programs, old vinyl records, lyrics, musicians. There are references to rock, jazz, folk, classical. Van Morrison, Joni, Tom Rush, Jerry Jeff Walker, Beatles, Satie and many others make appearances in these poems. So do many memories, which music so often evokes in the listener.

before poetry there was music is the fourth collection of Daily Spontaneous Poems that I started writing in 2014 and posting on Facebook. The first three books, wild voices come when they will, there is only this moment and you were released in 2015, 2017 and 2018 respectively. These poems are written in the moment and are never revised. The writing of these has become a daily practice that I continue to this day.

From the book:

as temperature plummets outside

I’m inside, near woodstove

listening to mid-sixties folk music

Ochs, Paxton, Rush

Judy, Joni

Donovan, Buffy

I’m back on Goodyear Street

a half century ago

upstairs attic bedroom

portable record player

lps, 45 singles

radio, WKBW

Jefferson Kaye’s “Inside Out”

weekly folk music show

these songs, my poetry

before Frost, Jeffers, Snyder

Universal Soldier

Both Sides Now

I Can’t Help But Wonder

No Regrets

Circle Game

I Ain’t Marching Anymore

Catch the Wind

I listen now on laptop

new technology

same words, same meanings

still resonating inside

like they did in attic room

in house that no longer exits

before poetry

there was music

before poetry there was music

Is an 88-page hand-stitched book with spine - $12

Release date 4/13/22

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before there was




before there was




Release date

April 13, 2022

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