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René Battelle

René was born in Syracuse, NY, where she still lives. Last year she graduated from Wells College in Aurora, NY with a bachelor's degree in English and concentration in creative writing, receiving distinction in the major and in her senior thesis. She has been writing since before high school, but primarily developing poetry. Over the past two years, René has also been involved in publishing a literary magazine for college students in upstate New York, which Wells has decided to take over and continue to publish. One of her thesis poems was featured in the summer issue of the literary journal "Italian Americana". In addition to poetry she writes novels and screenplays, and is interested in all forms of literature.

From the book:

November 14, 1997:

   I was in bed and the bed was facing the window. I looked out and the moon was shining, only it was extremely huge. I didn't think anything of it, and made some comment to my sister like "Hey Jess, the moon looks just like you tonight!" and she looked at it, too.
   Suddenly I was on the front porch with Dad and we were looking at the moon. Then it started bouncing up and down and flying all around, but this was a normal occurrence and we didn't think anything of it. Then I went into the backyard and it was sunny there. I went back to the porch and started telling Dad that it was just night and now it was day in the backyard. He nodded and said "I know." Then we both looked forward and the sun was much larger than usual, but not as large as the moon had been. The sun was bright orange and dry with huge craters in it. Dad said "Something very strange is going on here." Then I woke up.

September 7, 2002:

  I once dreamt the moon would rise
  as large as hope, my friend.

  It hovered, silver, in the skies,
  enchanted, like a lover's eyes,

  but I awoke again.

Pieces is a 36 page  hand-sewn chapbook.

ISBN 0-941053-36-9

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 God speaks
to me at the
Salvation Army Thrift Shop

Susannah Loiselle

Susan "Susannah" Meredith Palmer Loiselle, lives in Locke, New York with her husband Paul and five children, Amanda, Grace, Sarah, James and Joseph. (Predeceased by son Justin in 1991). Susannah is a retired school librarian taking writing classes at Wells College in Aurora, New York. Her poem, "His Voice" is being published in "The Healing Muse" of Upstate Medical Center's Dept. of Bioethics and the Humanities, in October 2004. She also pursues photography, antiques, reading, gardening and genealogy in any remaining spare time.

From the book:

His Voice

Leaning over to see something
out a window, thinking about the laundry,
I catch a current of sound,
a murmur too well known
to place at first.

In that fragment of a vowel,
some consonants, a broken word,
a bud cut before flowering,
from a shard of a broken crystal vase
throwing its colors from the floor,
in a wind-blown curtain
snagged by a thorn of memory,
from those broken things
and to my brokenness-
his voice still calls to me.

God speaks to me . . . is a 36 page  hand-sewn chapbook.

ISBN 0-941053-52-0

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