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Medicine is a 92 page hand-stitched book with spine - $16.

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John Berry

From the book:

In Tiwa

So, apparently

when you raise your arm

 this is one


And when you lower it

 this is another.

The beater in your hand

 strikes the skin of the drum.

This is also a pulse, and is separate

 but also the same

as the resonance charging

 the wood of the frame

which vibrates now

the skin of the world

and all of its peoples.

Those of flesh and feather and bone

as those of water

and those of stone.

And if I am to understand this


there is no

 singular beat.

No one


but many

 sending the rhythms to feed

gentle feet

 or boots in the street.

This I learned from a teacher

 of the drum

in a language in which Earth

 is a verb

over one long



John Berry’s work has been published in several journals and anthologies including; Vox Poetica, The Yellow Chair Review, Peeking Cat Poetry, Algebra for Owls, and Birdsong: A Celebration of Birds. Most recently, his poem The Day Before It’s Official appeared in Trumped: A Poets Speak Anthology, edited by John Roche. His first book of poems, Wobbly Man, was released in the Spring of 2016 by Red Dashboard Press.

A self-taught woodworker and promotor of all things poetry, John writes from his home in Winchester Virginia with his beloved spouse, Brenda, and their two yorkies, Molly and Lily.

When he is not plying his trade as a carpenter, John hosts a monthly poetry open-mic and also presents a weekly internet tv show at www.winlifetv.com called The Sock Drawer Poetry Series, but can more likely be found, notebook in hand, writing.

Currently in his second year of study with the Whitewinds/Featherstone Institute of Integrative Energy Medicine, and with master level training in Reiki,  John looks forward to begin practicing energy medicine alongside his wife in her healing center, Sacred Celebrations.