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Accused of Wisdom

Linda Allardt
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From the book:


Accused of wisdom, my words
shift like light reflecting off moving water,
light drifting across the ceiling
of my room.  Like trout in shadow water
downstream from the rock.  What's wisdom?

Most of the time what I can see holds still
like children playing statues.  Blink
and they're gone, they're in the wind.
All falling things catch the eye
just in time to disappear.
Things I cannot prove are there surround me.
But once a leaf pulled loose from the branch
and I was looking.  Caught the dipping flight
of a bird I couldn't name
and it seemed like news.  What's wisdom
but watching?

          But then
the underside of watching:
root-tips foraging in stony soil
for any encounter.  The harrowing up of the midden.
The spark in the cloud, the forked track
I know I lack the sight for,
half-life measured in milliseconds, but true
for as long as it holds still.

Linda Allardt grew up in Southern Tier New York State where many of her poems are set. There's a farm in her family now, a creek with a waterfall, and woods. An editor and writing teacher for many years, she has published three books of poems, including the most recent, "River Effect" (State Street Press, 1998).

Accused of Wisdom is a 48 page hand-sewn paperback with flat spine - $10.00.

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