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FootHills Publishing, Wheeler Hill, New York, is pleased to announce the release of "Tongue Tied and Singing" by Tony Leuzzi.

Cover Art by Kathleen Farrell

Tony Leuzzi teaches literature and composition at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. His poems and prose have been published or are forthcoming in a number of academic and small-press journals, and he has authored three chapbooks: The Joey Poems (1996), Dream Lessons of the Mouth (1998), and Figuring (1999). The recipient of an ImageArt Poetry Prize in 2003, he has also received writing-related grants from the New York State Council for the Arts.

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"If there is law in all that lives/why not read it in one root?  Tony Leuzzi asks in "In Late Spring."  Each of these poems is a root, descending into the soil out of which the human heart rises, twists, is broken by the gale, or awakens like blossoms to its own unexpected beauty; and like a garden, the heart must be tended, sometimes pruned, as must poetry itself because, as Leuzzi demonstrates in this collection, the life of the poem and the life of the individual can be described through the entelechy of nature:  the struggle of each life to discover its ultimate form.  Through his faith in the power of song to transform humanity, Leuzzi's compassionate gaze falls on the just and the unjust, and his poetry heroically embraces the good and the evil within the wonder of the human voice at home in the world, broken though that home may sometimes be.

Michael Alleman, author of the play Dark Nut of the Soul: Ezra Pound at St. Elizabeth's

These poems offer not only intellectual but sensual pleasures: in place of verse, velvet and "bleached ash"; in place of silence, "tongues that fluttered once like wings." Sometimes sad, sometimes spooky -- "A leaf outlasts its green / Like hair on a corpse" -- and sometimes delicately romantic -- "a white flicker from the crowding of butterflies" - Leuzzi's language reaches beyond itself, towards us and our dreams - and towards nothing. "I wanted / Emptiness," he says, "and settled for a napkin." A difficult message? The poet lives in the real world. But the poems - well, they are lit with "something other than their light."

Linda Reinfeld, author of Language Poetry: Writing As Rescue

From the book:


I found a pen on a seat in the subway
and picked it up to write a poem.
It was out of ink. I put it back.

Later, someone in this car
might take it home to craft
a good-bye letter to the world.

If so, I have saved a life.

Tongue Tied and Singing is a 76 page paperback, hand-sewn, with flat spine - $14.00

ISBN:  0-941053-26-1

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