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Anne C. Coon
Via del Paradiso
(A collection of poems from Siena, Italy.)

Anne C. Coon's poetry collection Daedalus' Daughter was published by FootHills Publishing in 2004. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Nimrod, The Baltimore Review, Northeast Corridor, Proteus, The Lyric, Earth's Daughters, and Women's Studies, and in the anthology Literature:  Reading Fiction, Poetry, Drama and the Essay (McGraw-Hill). A selection of poems from Via del Paradiso was published as Henry James Sat Here, an illustrated limited edition from The Old School Press, Bath, UK. Anne C. Coon is the editor of Hear Me Patiently: The Reform Speeches of Amelia Jenks Bloomer (Greenwood Press, 1994) and is a Professor of English in the College of Liberal Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.  

Kurt Feuerherm's cover illustration “Siena” is based on the Simone Martini fresco “Guido Riccio da Fogliano” in the Sala del Mappamondo, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, Italy. Now living in South Wellfleet, Massachusetts, he has lived and taught in Florence and traveled extensively throughout Tuscany. Works by Kurt Feuerherm appear in numerous collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, Syracuse Everson Gallery, Henry Gallery, University of Washington, and Rochester Memorial Art Gallery.

From the book:


One life opens quietly
within another
as a parenthesis
spreads the words
to make room.
Possibility blossoms
in this breach --
the stroke of the closing mark
remains out of view.

La Mattina Presto

I rise early
la mattina presto
to walk alone
before the furled day   
has spread its colors.  
The city is most pure
when the sun just lights the Campo
and the first cups of espresso
appear on marble bars;
waiters in white jackets
set out umbrellas and potted plants.
I walk with light steps in the empty Duomo
where shadows fill the arches
and the high stained-glass windows claim all light.
Without the echoes of voices or footfalls,
the marble has only to stand and be still.
Invisible, I do the same.

Renaming the World

I came to this place
to speak a new language
to begin to rename my world.

Word for today: Esaurito
exhausted, sold out.

ISBN:  0-941053-16-4
Via del Paradiso
is a 64 page hand-sewn book with spine - $12.00



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Anne's First Book from FootHills (2004)

 Daedalus' Daughter

Anne C. Coon


Part One
Daedalus' Daughter     8           
Passenger     9
Catch and Release     10
Turkey in the Straw     11
Menarche     12
Honeoye Lake     13
Western Wind Reconsidered     14
What's Lost      15
This Tender Cage     21

Part Two
Queen Anne's Lace     32
Oyster Stew     34
Duly Noted     36
Under the Piecèd Quilt     37
Still, electric     38
Getting Pregnant     39
Gramercy Park Film Noir     40
Insomnia     41
Memory Made Flesh     42
Prayer     43
What then?     44
The First 34 Stages of Grief     45
Don't     46
Hang-up Call     47
Reclaiming Earth     48
Ephemera     49

From the book:

Daedalus' Daughter

My father and I both fly at night.
He takes off from a waterbed
moored at the edge of the lake,
while I, a land-locked second-story sleeper,
rise and skim the night air
thirty miles away.

He soars high, agile and air-borne,
-- bursting out of formation --
while I hover below ceilings
rise through doorways  
swim just above the details of the day.

And tho' we've never met
on these nocturnal trips
we each recognized at once
the joy the other recalled:
the muscles in the arms drawing down
as the torso rises aloft, pulling away, coasting,
veering with the will of the body.

In these solitary flights, not buoyed
by mite-bitten feathers,
castoffs of a better bird,
but borne up entirely -- and only --
by the arched frame of imagination
we leave behind the ideograms of our lives
the sculpted rooms, gardens, and roads:
seen from above,
a labyrinth.

Daedalus' Daughter is a 52 page hand-sewn paperback with flat spine - $10.00.

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