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Arc of Grief
Phyllis Stowell

Cover art by Pacia Sallomi

         Shaped in the crucible of grief, and "the crux of pain," Phyllis Stowell's piercingly honest poems trace the arc of suffering that shapes widowhood.  Their dramatic reflections on the need simultaneously to "keep him near" yet become "not the other of him" will speak to all who have felt split in two by the loss of a deeply loved partner or spouse even while their courageous confrontations of desolation and  isolation will strengthen anyone who shrinks from the need to mourn.
                                                            --Sandra M. Gilbert

         Profound grieving, as anyone who has experienced it knows, is not a systematic undertaking, but a series of unpredictable mood-states, the darkest extreme altering over time, but never entirely vanishing.  A poetics of process could be put to no better use than to chart these wave-like recurrences.  In this beautiful longer work, Phyllis Stowell remains an experimental poet, but achieves a new and heartbreaking simplicity.
                                                  --Alan Williamson

Phyllis Stowell, PhD, is Professor Emerita, Saint Marys College and founding member of the SMC Master of Fine Arts.  She is a former Fellow of the Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France. In addition to publication in over 150 reviews both traditional and revisionist, she has published EMERGENCE, WHO IS ALICE, ASCENT TO SOLITUDE, and was co-editor of APPETITE:  FOOD as METAPHOR, An Anthology of Women Poets (BOA Editons, Ltd.)

Cover Artist Pacia Sallomi has a Masters in Art Education from the University of New Mexico and an MFA from Texas Tech University.  She is Associate Professor of Art at Carroll College, Waukesha, Wisconsin.   She has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

From the book:

Once before I lived alone and stood at my window
Looking at a corner house, a street light
And a tree. . .   poised on the cusp of the future.
What loss had been felt closure of what was
Altogether done.  The difference - oh the difference!

Though the interval's uncertain, what lies ahead
I know, I know what loss has made of me.
I know there's no escape from the beauty
Of green hills and a clearing sky
A quiet surf.
Part of me resides here, in requiem.

ISBN:  0-941053-90-3
Arc of Grief
is a 80 page hand-sewn book with spine - $16.00



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