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Rushing to Andromeda
Ruth Kennedy


When you connect the most prominent stars in the Andromeda galaxy, you get the image of the Princess, universal symbol of the intuitive female.

Off all the heavenly groups, Andromeda is most studied in modern times, because it is nearly visible to the naked eye and is a close model of the solar system.  At 2.7 million years distant, it is by no means an easy cluster to explore and remains largely mysterious to us today.

Though its title derives from a line in the last poem, Rushing to Andromeda seems a fitting title for this collection, because it represents the trajectory of a woman's life and aspects of the intuitive feminine, distant yet instructive.

For me these poems are a small window on the human soul connected to nature in all it splendor, terror and intimacy.

Gary Lehmann
Public Lives & Private Secrets
FootHills Publishing, 2005

From the book:

Bone Songs

by some shamanic trick
you will lose everything
you have loved too much

          a favorite book  a brooch  a tree
          beloved farmhouse burned to ground
          taking with it even its ghosts

the one who loved you
when you walked with grace
who knew the names of stars
their order and their place
          in the firmament

          lose it all
          you will reach thin bone
          and wind will whistle
          its songs through you

Ruth Kennedy is a New Yorker who has lived much of her life close to the countryside in upstate New York.  Her many nature poems reflect her twenty years residence in the Bristol Hills.  Her poems have appeared in the books Five in the Afternoon and The Span I Will Cross.  They have been anthologized in Haiku Poets of New York State and appeared in journals such as Hazmat, Creekwalker and Tamyfyr Mountain Poetry.

ISBN:  0-941053-88-1
Rushing to Andromeda
is a 36 page hand-sewn chapbook - $8.00



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