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Disking Deep
Barbra Minar

I have just learned that Barbra has been donating all proceeds from Disking Deep to the Katrina Reconstruction
Fund for the working team going from Santa Ynez Presbyterian Church. This team is dedicated to helping in
Barbra’s home town of Gulfport, Mississippi and the Gulfcoast for the next three to five years.

To support Barbra in this effort, FootHills Publishing will start contributing a third of any future book sales of Disking Deep to the same fund. Disking Deep will shortly be going into a second printing.
Michael Czarnecki

Barbra Minar's poems are a blessing, like a soothing cup of tea under a full moon, “the Queen of the Night”, as she names it, an image that often appears in her heart-spun poems. This poet is such a light, casting her wisdom of age on every woman's joys and struggles, every mother's and wife's bliss and hurt. Precise attention to detail, brave imagery, and concise, metaphoric language stir up a book that spellbinds the reader through her story of Midwestern and southern roots.  She lovingly rises from her well of solitude and reflection with a cup of gold that is this book you will drink and drink again to “set you free.”

--Perie Longo
Author of Milking the Earth and
The Privacy of Wind

These poems are meditations and celebrations of the things and feelings of everyday life, presented with such freshness of vision and language to elicit only profound gratitude from the reader fortunate enough to come upon Barbra Minar's work.

--Leonard Tourney
Author of Time's Fool and eight other mystery novels
Professor of Writing University of California Santa Barbara

Table of Contents

The Grand Round Space     
Full Moon Madness     
Light Communion    
The August Dance     
Sibling Spaces     
You Don't Have To Die, Child     
Father's Gift     
The Bathroom     
First Kiss     
Bikes and Mississippi Summers     
After the Funeral      
Off Key     
Roots Exposed     
Depression and other mysteries     
Back Among the Living     
Sand Stars     
Our Hands     
Return of the Black Dog     
Three Gardenias     
Front Door Shut     
Metsovo Woman     
Last Words     
Alfredo Speaks     
Radio Jazz     
Mississippi Blues     
Baby's Mother Florida 1942     
Kiss Her     
Grandmother's Goodbye     
Lifetime Oath     
Disking Deep     
Family Secrets     
Common Restoration     
The Maker     
Easter Bread     

From the book:

Disking Deep

At winter's end
the earth lays cold
glazed with frost
a tangle of dried weeds,
stubble, rotting roots, rock.

Day after day
the plow rotates metal blades
slices skin, splits muscles
shatters bones
heaves to the surface
hidden blood, bitter springs.

Disking deep
until rough fresh order
the earth
broken open
ready for seed.

Barbra Minar graduated from Immaculate Heart College (after marriage, three children) in Art and Creative Writing.
Challenged with Systemic Lupus at the age of twenty, she had a serious flare up in 1984. Being forced into solitude she has written for twenty years publishing women's nonfiction books, children's books, short stories, various magazine articles, devotionals and poetry. Now she devotes her work to poetry which Barbra considers the most challenging artistic word form.

ISBN:  0-941053-86-5
Disking Deep
is a 52 page hand-sewn book with spine - $12.00



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