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Terry Lowenstein
Searching for Tea Leaves in a Cup of Coffee

Beyond the Grocer's Shelves

       The photo on the front cover was taken between 1883-1884 and shows the Conklin family store in New York City. In the foreground wearing plaid is Lela Bella Conklin, Joel Lowenstein's grandmother. The man wearing the apron is her father-Harrison Conklin, the great grandfather of Joel Lowenstein. Joel Lowenstein is Terry Lowenstein's husband and it is with his permission the photo is used.

From the Book:

Beyond the Grocer's Shelves
Freud goes shopping
cigar clenched,
his mood grows restless.

Displays of carrots, asparagus,
cucumbers, bananas, and oysters
induce thoughts that arouse.

Lust disrobes as chocolate whispers
and a juicy ripe peach is held in hand.

His dreams will never be the same.

Beyond the Grocer's Shelves
is a 52 page hand-sewn  book with spine - $12.00


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Words have always fascinated me and I love the array of flavors they offer. That taste is intensified when words are allowed to steep, then poetry is the result and the blend is indeed one to savor. It is my wish that you will enjoy the special blend of poems that make up my first chapbook "Searching for Tea Leaves in a Pot of Coffee."

Terry Lowenstein


A Fairy Tale is Born
A Kaleidoscope of Days
As Good as it Gets
between the notes of chimes
Chesapeake Beach Early 60's
Cold Coffee
Dancers Return
Learning to Strip
searching for tea leaves in a pot of coffee
Spokes of Days
Taunting Sigmund
The Assignment
the cornucopia is empty
The Stones Speak
Tiptoeing Up the Stairs

From the book:

Taunting Sigmund

Life raises her skirt
and flirts with Freud.

He chokes on cigar smoke
and tries in vain
to coax her to his couch.

She laughs, avoids his grasp
and speaks with words that hint
of symbolism while mocking theory.

He reaches yet again,
determination pulsing
through his veins.

But, Life will not be caught
and tiring of the game,
waltzes out.

Only her perfume remains
to dance with his mind
and tease his soul.

Terry Lowenstein is of Irish and French descent and was born in Virginia, but her accent betrays the years she spent growing up in New England. She now lives in North Carolina with her husband, two daughters and two cats-Dickens and Emerson. A well published writer, her day job is writing magazine and newspaper articles that include personal essays, travel articles and book reviews. Terry Lowenstein's work appears in numerous anthologies, journals, ezines, magazines and newspapers throughout the United States and internationally.

ISBN 0-941053-68-7

Searching for Tea Leaves in a Pot of Coffee
is a 28 page hand-sewn chapbook - $7.00



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