The Character For Woman - Helen Ruggieri

"You’ll enjoy reading her experiences with kimono wrapping and the traditional tea ceremony. In every section of the book, Ruggieri is honest, unpretentious and tells us her thoughts and feelings on living alone in a foreign culture."
From "Writers' Ezine
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The Character For Woman is a collection of haibun (prose and haiku) and poetry inspired by her recent stay in Japan. Helen says of the work:
"I think you have to be born Japanese to write a true haibun, but I don't see any problem with stealing ideas from other cultures and bending them to my American way of thinking. I kept a journal during a recent visit to Japan and the entries were a way of thinking for me. I wanted to describe what I saw and experienced so that I could understand and remember. The haiku seemed to stick themselves in as capsulizations. The haibun is an interesting form and as one who has long been interested in poetry and journal keeping, it seemed a natural extension as well as a way to blend east and west."

Helen Ruggieri spent a semester as a visiting professor at Yokohama College of Commerce. She lives in Olean, NY and teaches at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford, PA. She received a Sasakawa fellowship from the Nippon Foundation for the study of Japanese culture. Her poetry book, Glimmer Girls, is available from Mayapple Press.

The Character For Woman is a 60 page paperback, hand-sewn, with flat spine. This is Helen's first FootHills Publishing release.

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 Bold Cities and Golden Plains - William Pruitt

From the book:


Behind my back, the hidden full moon
In front of me, tiny waves keep going peacefully to the beach.
The lake, an almost color-drained rose, reflecting a sky
the sun had gone out of, a rose becoming coral.

But where are so many small waves going?      
leftward, animate, identical multiple ripplings,
waves moving shoreward till the water's gone
But how can waves run out of water?
Left to right, my head is tilted,
but the lake doesn't spill.  Water darkens,
in the foreground of the shadows,
something moves, a shadow wave.

Since graduating from college, Bill Pruitt has been a library clerk,
physical therapy courier, loading dock receiver, co-manager of a co-op
food store, storyeller, poet, and teacher of history and English as a
second language.

Bold Cities and Golden Plains is a 48 page, hand-stitched chapbook.
This is William's first FootHills Publishing release.

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 For Resident - Philip Memmer



February. The barber curses
his furnace, his text for night school,

the cars lined up the block for inspection,
their coughs and hisses, scrapes and dents.

He sweeps my hair into the morning's pile.
Outside, the scrape of a metal shovel,

the grocer's stockboy clearing the alley,
pounding ice from the bent downspout.

When the doorbell rings, it's the Witnesses.
When the mail comes, it's for RESIDENT.

Philip Memmer's poems have appeared widely in journals such as Poetry, Poetry Northwest, and Southern Poetry Review. His first chapbook, The Apartment, was published in 2001 by piccadilly press. He lives in central New York state, where he edits the poetry journal Two Rivers Review and directs the Downtown Writer's Center, a member of the YMCA National Writer's Voice.

For Resident is a 32 page, hand-stitched chapbook.
Seven Dollars

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