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Poets on Peace

Important News About Submitting to FootHills

Poets on Peace books available! Click here!

In 1988 and 1989 FootHills Publishing released 3 titles as part of a Poets on Peace Series: Rootwork and Other Poems  by Walt Franklin; Artesia by Stephen Lewandowski; Hunting the World  by David Michael Nixon. All three chapbooks have been long out of print.

Now, more almost two decades later, FootHills Publishing is re-launching the Poets on Peace Series.  There is always a need to speak to issues of peace - some times more than others - this seems to be one of those times. Poets have a role in expressing what can be possible, a role in warning of dangers, a role in questioning and resisting, a role in interpreting events. I recall Mikhail Gorbachev saying something to the effect of how the radical changes in the old Soviet Union, perestroika, would not have been possible if it were not for the poets of the previous decades who spoke out against repression and for freedom. Poets can make a difference. The Poets on Peace Series is a small attempt by FootHills Publishing toward that end.

In considering submitting for the Poets on Peace Series please take a broad view on what peace is. Politics, history, current events, family, individual lives, environment, spirituality - all of these and more can fall under the general theme. Be creative in assembling a manuscript to fit the theme.

We will be accepting manuscripts that we feel need to be published - manuscripts that in some small way contribute to the language of peace. We'll try to respond within 30 days of submission.

Format will be 5 ½ by 8 ½ page size on 70 lb. stock and each book will be hand-stitched. We'll produce a run of 150 copies with no second printing. Published poets will receive 15 copies as payment and will be able to purchase additional copies at a 50 per cent discount, with no obligation to do so.  Poets will provide FootHills Publishing with a list of individuals we can send notices of publication to. We will also send out publication press releases to the poet's local media sources.

Submissions will be accepted only through e-mail. We prefer manuscripts to be sent as a single MS Word attachment. If this isn't possible then send the manuscript in the body of the e-mail. Please make sure your name, address and e-mail address are included on the manuscript. Please identify in some way that the submission is for the Poets on Peace Series.

Send submissions to: