Dexter Roberts
Imagine a World
Dexter Roberts

Cover art by Karen Rice.
Montana Poets Series 2, #1

“Imagine a world” where there is no injustice, no slavery, no war, no profit.  There is such a world up Grant Creek where Dexter has lived for the last three decades.  His neighbors are birds and bears, squirrels and deer, rabbits, snakes, a creek and the trees, the wind, his cat, and an occasional visitor.  These poems were written on legal pads and in spiral notebooks.  And there is more . . . baskets, folders, scraps of paper, pages of haiku, tanka, stories, poems-a file cabinet full for the next editor to mine.  
Mark Gibbons

And these poems ask real questions: “What must we do/ for the children?” And give real answers: “Cease destroying the Earth/ for one thing.”  Or “How in the world do birds fly?”  In wonderment.  Or ”Someone looking through a fence at a nuclear reactor/ thinking …what?/ What will we do with the waste, boys?”  Or the cogent, “Must the bloated billionaires/ insure the death of the poor?”
Roger Dunsmore

Cupped and fluttering, each tender and brusk moment of these poems is borne out of a trill in the fir, a metal can out by the shed being upended, sudden and unexpected.
Craig Czury, Editor,  Montana Poets Series 2

From the book:


Imagine a world
in which all goes well.
Where life is full of healthy growing things,
of rainbow colors,
the storm of conflict
over for once
and for all.

Imagine the works
to be done,
to move in that direction,
ourselves and generations to come,
with all odds on that other side
of ourselves.
The go ahead,
as Voltaire said:
cultivate your garden,
defying the command
of a jealous god,
not to know the fruit
of the knowledge
of good and evil.
The point is simply
to try to do good . . .
an obvious act that
tends to make us well,
or at least a little better for a while.
So I'm told.

Imagine a World
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