Attach It To Earth

 Daniel Kerwick
(Daniel Kerwick's first FootHills book
You Stand Alongside Desire.)

Part Vachel Lindsay/part Hart Crane, Danny Kerwick is a vagabond poet with a keen eye and music in his DNA (his granddad was a respected jazz musician). His references range from Hugh MacDiarmid to Buddy Guy to the Three Stooges. What sets him apart from most of those who practice “Spontaneous Bop Prosody” is the dead-on accuracy of his observations and no-b.s. insights. Not only that, but Danny gets PLACE as do few others, whether his native Rochester, his beloved New Orleans, or Chicago and other stops on the itinerant poet’s circuit. He can distill the local into a few lines, as in “New Orleans Mambo”: plaster barge-board brick / gossip- strewn / and magnificently dilapidated / nothin' plumb in this town / yea you right. The title poem hips us to what this book is all about: we shoulder earth   .   passion  /  & tomfoolery   .   stretched  /  to the sky.

John Roche

From the book:


 in memory of Mary Patricia Kerwick

in half-light she appears

                  before the sun

delicate feet leave impressions

on shoreline of Ontario

the quiet is savored

                  chatter of children

echo in her thoughts

                  dark blue water

                  submerged within it

                  pulse of the unknown

                  thunder blinking

                  from Canada

she blesses the homeless

dead asleep on the beach

the Genesee runs north

replenishing their

cloudy dreams

in the tide

voices of men departing

will they return

in time for table set

a fever to be cared for

a prayer before breaking bread

none of this can be claimed

carried by the wind

but in the hearts and eyes

of those who speak her name

across the river

dream life real life

summerville memory

of dream

the sun appears on the horizon

she returns to her own immortal sleep

Attach It To Earth
is a 56 page hand-sewn paper book with spine - $14.00.


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