Mary Jackson
Mary Strong Jackson

(Mary's other FootHills' book - No Buried Dogs)

From the book:

There Is Time

Some butterflies live only three days to a week.

six and a half days
       to make memories
to rub wings against another
     to flatten your silhouette
               then open your wings wide to what awaits

thousands of seconds
to sit with friends on orange and black Echinacea flowers
to lay your head into the gusts and become the morning's kite

a half day to carry the memories made
to settle in a bush that steals shadows without malice
to sit with your many legs        still as Buddha
         and feel breath pulse your wings

 then listen
         to the sound
of your six feet clapping  

Mary Strong Jackson lives in Santa Fe, NM. Her work can be read in various literary journals, anthologies (Backwater Press, Papier-Mache Press), in four chapbooks Clippings by Pudding House Press, Between Door and Frame, No Buried Dogs, and Witnesses by FootHills Publishing. A poem is forthcoming in the anthology, An Untidy Season to be published in 2012. More of her work can be read on her blog -

is a 40 page hand-sewn chapbook  - $10.00.


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 No Buried Dogs

From the book:

No Buried Dogs

His arm crosses her right hip, forearm
on soft belly skin, hand cradles her thigh.
He sleeps. She wakes to a graceful world
that turns gently as the edges of a shy mouth
beginning its curve, a world sensual
as the soft whisk of low pine branches
sweeping the ground.

The flannel sheet breathes warmth
on her back while morning air
tucks itself around her one bare shoulder.
Her surroundings “become” as if today
is a coming-out party for the ordinary
and now there is no ordinary.

Here, there are no ghosts to embrace,
buried dogs, magic prayers, wealth,
oppressors, or measuring tools, only the
ordinary that repeats, illustrates, repeats,
in this moment, in this morning, in this life.

She gasps.
He stirs into their day.

ISBN:  0-941053-61-X
No Buried Dogs
is a 68 page hand-sewn book with spine - $14.00

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