Jon Mathewson
While Strangers
Insult the Decor
Jon Mathewson

From the book:

(After Jasper Johns)

An apple, deliciously red
     on a palette,
outside the street stretches
from snow to clarity.

Inside, the apple waits, undiscovered.     
     The artist returns,
inspects the canvas
left to its own devices overnight.

Once a cozy scene,
now overlain with hues
magenta, merlot, maroon
scarlet, russet,
rouge, blood,
she does not know where
her muse is bringing her
steps back, reaches for fresh
subtleties, finds the apple emerge
from her collection of swells.

Take an object.
Do something to it.
Do something else to it.
Do another thing to it.
Let the apple's nectar
moisten your lips
and dribble where it will.

Where He Will Come From

My son grappled with
the theory of relativity
on the way to pre-school today,      
why time passes quickly
sometimes and slower other
times, traveled deep into
thought, and then at school
we realized we had forgotten
to bring his five foot snake
for stuffed animal day,
the realization came suddenly,
his eyes reddened,
and time froze solid.

Jon Mathewson's poems have been widely published in small-press journals. A self-publisher of five chapbooks, he has been a member of the performance poetry ensembles Vibes! and Quatrain. He lives in Vermont with his wife, their two kids, two cats, and two beehives.

While Strangers Insult the Decor is a 76 page hand-stitched paper book with spine - $16.00.

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