Larry Kelts
Larry W. Kelts

From the book:


Your great-grandmother pieced quilts
from outgrown shirts and pajamas.
She made you one when you were
a baby, before you knew making
was her way of expressing.

To hold the memories intact
she stitched on her quilts patterns
from my childhood in pieces
cut from faded fabric and
padded between the layers.

You wrapped yourself in her gift,
holding even as it turned
ragged and dirty and scattered
pieces of itself about
the house.  One night, while you slept,

I snuck it out and burned it
from fear of some lingering
disease.  And now, with tattered
expressing, I stitch and piece.

Larry Kelts grew up on a dairy farm in north-central Pennsylvania.  After working as a farmer, factory machinist, laboratory technician, and research scientist he obtained an MFA from Bennington College and now resides in northern Delaware where he writes poetry and frequents the art scene in Delaware and Philadelphia.  He has published poetry in a number of journals including The Broadkill Review, miller's pond, Hazmat Review, Straitjackets, and Chantarelle's Notebook.

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