W. Jed Berry
Awake Before
W. Jed Berry

From the book:

February afternoon

shadows stretch thin
cross bleached brittle
snow covered grass
beneath frozen white-blue
Montana's finest month
so cold it cracks by 4:30
beyond the lawn
half frozen Swan River
a mallard
swims beneath ice
searching for minnows

my afternoon coffee
begins to percolate
takes over

Jed Berry spends as much time as he can fishing and wandering around the woods, deserts, and mountains of the Western U.S.  While he understands the need to work, he does so under protest and considers education the only worthwhile occupation.  He spends as much time teaching as he does attending school and, it seems, he will be both an educator and a student for the rest of his life.  He lives in Southwest Montana with his remarkably patient wife, two dogs and whoever else stops by.   

Jed has published poetry and prose in various places.  This is his first book of poems.  If you'd like to drop a note he can be reached at: swordfish47@hotmail.com

Awake Before Dawn
is a 52 page hand-sewn paperbook with spine - $15.00.


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