Stephen Lewandowski
Stephen Lewandowski

Here is a sure, durable and unsentimental chorus of poems to love & landscape - or as Steve Lewandowski likes to describe his hills around the Finger Lakes district of western New York State "there are / hills upon hills walking / the day away in the woods" - and he may as well be describing himself. Take this book by the hand.
- Bob Arnold

These poems are a quiet walk, careful, clear, in the moment, full of nature  and desire. Stars, bears, roses and the thorn-“O Lucky One” is a story and conversation, a gift of contemplative wisdom.
- Michael Rothenberg

I have been following Steve Lewandowski's poetry for more than 30 years and was delighted to hear that these new poems were about to be published. A poem like "Waiting" has been well worth waiting for, and there are many other fine poems to keep it company.
- Ted Kooser

From the book:


To get to Bare Hill
look for that dark spot
on the map.
You may walk up
a rough road
into sunlight
reflected from clouds,
but once the darkness
comes, a fire is set
and roars into the night.
At the call to dance,
there's a ring or two
around the dying fire.
When we stumble down
feeling with our feet
for the dark path we
follow that stream
of stars.


At night
bears flow
like some dark
through the trees
they turn logs
and stones
to lick up food
their thick fur
absorbs starlight
to become bear-shaped
black holes

One slips down from
a weedy road bank
and without a look
enters the field
illuminated by my car
soaking up
every ounce of light-
for a moment
there is no car
no driver
no time
no road
no bear
now we breathe
deep and travel on

“O Lucky One” is Lewandowski's tenth small book of poems since 1974. Though this isn't a high rate of production, Lewandowski has been busy working with soil conservation for 24 years, preservation of historic places, and environmental protection. For the past ten years he has supported himself as a consultant specializing in watershed protection. He is profoundly grateful to his high school for naming him as a “Graduate of Distinction” while he is still alive, living in the community, and therefore fully capable of disgracing both himself and the honor at any time.

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