Daniel Kerwick
Daniel Kerwick

You Stand
Alongside Desire

  "The poems in Daniel Kerwick's You Stand Alongside Desire leap between worlds, making the invisible visible, recharging the familiar with the mystery we have either forgotten or never seen. The touch is light, but sure as we are moved by the poet from a point alongside desire, to it's very core. I salute Daniel for achieving a clear, affecting dialogue with time, place and psyche on the wings of eros that is deeply personal while reminding us of what unites us all.
                                -Paul Pines
author of The Tin Angel and My Brothers Madness

From the book:


you stand alongside desire

                               the city

the light in the wave of a hand

there is no mess thing this morning

prayers were said

                         a temple behind the eyes

doorways tremble        the doorman smiles

a taxi glides past

and you swear a baby giraffe

is in it's way to first day of school

the city purrs

garbagemen are delicate baseball players

questions silent with benevolence

you stand alongside selves

invited to the garden

a turn along the avenues

                              blue horizon

I will try to recognize you

                              and failing

can still say hello

Raised in Rochester, NY, poet and playwright Daniel Kerwick has lived in New Orleans for more than twenty years. He is the founding editor of Simpatico Poets Press and artistic director of Simpatico Poets Theatre. His work has been presented in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Portland, Oregon, Denver  and other backwaters of North America. He is a frequent contributor to 'YAWP: a Journal of Poetry and Art' and his titles include "The Orchestra has left the Building' and 'Behind Lies the Sugar'.

You Stand Alongside Desire
is a 60 page hand-stitched  paper book w/spine.

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