Karen Blomain

Karen Blomain

HARD BARGAIN, Karen Blomain's first full-length collection in seven years, celebrates the quotidian as it exalts the focus of memory, the thoughtful contemplation of family, loss, friendship, the writerly life, the bittersweet of leavings, the grand forces and the small common gestures that bind us together and call us to language.    

From the book:

Red Pencil at Rest

My hawk eye for the dangling
anything disengaged, I've retired
my dependable little scale-the lively
half-step between B and B plus,
the abysmal lurch between F and D.
At the lake, watching the kids swim
I skim The Times. Undaunted
by an egregious blizzard
of dashes, the trite phrase, the faulty
pronoun referent, I read about a cat
who lives in a nursing home
and sits vigil, somehow sensing
when a patient nears death. How?
How does the end of anything announce
itself?  For instance, how do I know
it's time to leave off judging for a while?
To attend to the innumerable beauties
of the flawed and awkward. That
just as it is, the world is already all right.
When my granddaughter bobbles
to the surface of the pond
and asks me for the hundredth time
to rate her little chicken body dive
I say, “10-a perfect 10,” even if,
she reminds me, her legs shouldn't splay  
and there should be no splash.
Flipping long strands away
from her eyes, she accuses,
“It's always 10 with you, Honey.”
And I say, “Finally.”

Poet, playwright, novelist, editor, and visual artist, Karen Blomain, lives in Scranton Pennsylvania and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She conducts writing workshops across the US and in France, Ireland, Russia and Mexico. Hard Bargain is her third full-length collection. In addition, she has three chapbooks of poetry and extensive periodical publication. Her novel, A Trick of Light, was optioned by Barbra Streisand's Barwood Films.  The play, An American Wife, which she co-authored with her husband, writer and photographer, Michael Downend had its Equity premier in 2007.

is an 80 page hand-stitched  paper book w/spine.

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