Caitlin Rice

Caitlin Rice

Caitlin Rice is a graduate of Wells College who lives and works in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  A recipient of The Catherine B. DePau Prize, awarded by the Academy of American Poets, her work has appeared in Wells Express and Albatross.

From the book:


Passing the field of dandelions,
I used to think of you, and the times
I made wishes on white puffs of dust,
fluff hovering on stems,
the fluff that faith is made of;
I watched it floating through the air,
those tiny seeds scattering
in the field by Hardscrabble Lane.

Today I see on each stem
a multitude of different desires.
Dandelions are weeds, after all.
So I inhale the air and blow
this useless white fuzz
carelessly to the breeze, and watch it
as it disappears
into the open sky.

is a 28 page hand-stitched chapbook.

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