Books 2009
Books Published in 2009

Laury A. Egan - Snow, Shadows, a Stranger

Cara Chamberlain - Hidden Things

Caitlin Rice - Hardscrabble

Bruce Bennett - Visitation

Dorothy Elizabeth Bittner - Between Rocks and Shadows


Karen Blomain - HARD  BARGAIN

colleen powderly - split

Charles Rossiter - All Over America: Road Poems

doing time to cleanse my mind

Daniel Kerwick - You Stand Alongside Desire

Richard Garcia - Chickenhead

Judian James - Levitate

Emily Vogel - Footnotes for a Love Letter

Ellaraine Lockie - STROKING DAVID'S LEG

Dorothy Holley - Dream Quartet

I Was Indian - Edited by Susan Deer Cloud

Karla Linn Merrifield - The Etowah River Psalms

Alan Casline - Thirty Poems

Dane Gordon - The Logic of Death

paulette swartzfager - years of dust

Perry S. Nicholas - The River of You

Patrick Sugrue - Short Zig Zags

Diana Woodcock - mandala