Suzanne Shane
Suzanne Shane
ThisWayward Grace

Poet, gardener and visual arts enthusiast Suzanne Shane lives in a tepee-chalet on a hillside overlooking New York's most unassuming Finger Lake with her husband-poet Michael Jennings and their pack of Siberian Huskies.
As a poet she mostly listens. As a gardener she mostly returns plants to the wild. As art appreciator she celebrates the sensuous skyscapes and vistas on the commute through Onondaga country to her day job at Syracuse University Abroad, where for 15 years she has had the honor to work with a corps of inspired teachers and dedicated international educators spanning several continents.  

An alum of the Syracuse University Creative Writing Graduate Program, Suzanne Shane's poems, essays, and art reviews have appeared in various journals and publications including North American Review, Corresponding Voices, The Comstock Review, The Mirror Eye, and Women Artists Datebook.  

From the Book:


There is a moment
soft and burnishing
just fluttering
beyond the flaming stain
of passion

when all in the distance
is gilded
with a delicate ache
for all that is lost
and going going

gone, and hope
is a ragged emblem
set at half-mast.
At this exact second
the crow squawks its scorn

at the human condition,
at you, caught
in the act of pity
and penance, simply
because color has drained from your world.

Even now, the late golds
and coppers, the glinting bronze
of the Old Masters' canvases
that sustained your vistas, have darkened.
Soon, you will look to the cold stars for comfort.

ThisWayward Grace
is a 28 page hand-stitched chapbook.

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